Classes at The Salt Mine


Start at the Bottom Get to the Top


Longing to get yourself into an invert? Having some troubles touching the ceiling when you climb? Have dreams about the perfect combos you have seen, but just can't get your body to do what you want it to? Come and join Mel for some functional training specific to your pole goals. This is a great class for beginners, intermediate and even advanced polers who want to maintain their strength and have a bunch of fun while gettin' swoll!

iRest Guided Meditation

Take time rest with Guided Meditation. Wear comfy clothing. Bring a blanket to help you settle in. No previous meditation experience needed. $5 per session. Ages 14+up please. The meditation style used in this class is inspired by the Irest teachings of Dr. Richard Miller. Irest has been shown to help with depression, anxiety, ptsd, insomnia, and more.

Find Your Sexy


Spend your Thursday evenings getting sassy flipping your hair and wearing your stilettos! Learn a sensual dance every week!

Katie will break it down and help you let your sexy side break free. Open to all levels.

Confident With Joy - Intermediate

SAT @ 8:15AM • 60 MINUTES

SUN @ 8:15AM • 60 MINUTES

Ready to level up? Come enjoy an Intermediate Pole workout centered on empowering you through advancement. In this class, we get in the air - building strength and endurance while challenging your inner dialogue to grow your sense of self. Get ready for maybe a little bruising and a lot of fun! $20/class

Joy encourages personal and emotional development throughout each class with tips and tricks for thinking and moving outside the box.

Beginner to Intermediate


This is a strength and conditioning class to help you gain and improve your pole dancing skills! Based on different choreography each week, Julian will modify for wherever you are in your Pole Journey

Sliding scale $10-$20


WED @ 8:30PM • 60 MINUTES

eXXotic with the Scarlet Foxx. We will explore all types of sexy - on and off the pole. No previous experience is necessary, just a good attitude! Bring heels, knee pads, and layers (we will be sliding around on the floor.... a lot). See your ass in class! XX


Enjoy a slow moving, meditative practice that works with your muscles differently than a vinyasa class. New students and seasoned yogis welcome. Sliding scale $10-20 per student. Please bring a mat if you have one.

Confident With Joy - Beginner

SAT @ 7AM | 9:30AM • 60 MINUTES

SUN @ 7AM | 9:30AM • 60 MINUTES

Needing a boost? Come enjoy a Beginner Pole workout centered on building confidence in yourself. All levels welcome - no previous experience necessary. For a solid hour, you will experience loud music/laughter, random health insights, and core work that will leave you sweaty and satisfied. $20/class

Joy encourages personal and emotional development throughout each class with tips and tricks for thinking and moving outside the box.