Pole is a progressive type of exercise.  You will be building strength and going from Beginner to Intermediate to Advanced.  Your instructors will be your guide on this individualized journey.  You will progress at your pace and your friends will progress at theirs!  Don't get down on yourself because your journey is taking longer!

Join us for class by signing up for classes on the schedule below, or text 801/541-1967 and let us know that you are coming! Each of our instructors sets their own pricing and available times.  Call The Salt Mine at 801.541.1967 or email us here.  Be sure to check out our Instructor Page to request a specific trainer.

Class Descriptions!

  • Conditioning and Choreography with Mel
    •  Work your muscles and play games to help you use your body to covey characters and feelings with your dance.  $15/per class or $60 for 4 classes. Open to all levels. 
  • Sinful Sundays
    • Spend your Sunday mornings getting sassy flipping your hair and wearing your stilettos! Learn a sensual dance every week! Katie will break it down and help you let your sexy side break free.  $15/per class.  Open to all levels.
  • XXX
    • Spend your Monday Nights getting sassy! Learn a sensual dance every week! Zoe will break it down and help you get in touch with your sensual side. All levels are welcome. Please bring heels and knee pads if you have them. XXX $15 cash
      Introductory offer- buy 5 up front, get the 6th class FREE

  • FlexyFlow

    • A functional flexibility program that combines dynamic stretching with a little yoga flow to increase mobility, joint function, and of course getting those splits and backbends. This class is the perfect supplement to aerials and strength conditioning. Open to all levels. 

  • Beginning Pole
    • This is an open class for beginners and intermediate Pole Dancers and focuses on the fundamentals of pole dance.   $15/class or 4 classes for $60.  Come and climb and spin with beginners and intermediate students!
  • Stress Relief Yoga
    • This class will take you out of your everyday problems and into your kick back, let it go robe!  All levels are welcome to this "take it down a notch" class.  $15/per class or 4 classes for $60.
  • Get to Intermediate! 
    • Mastered the basics of pole?  Now it is time to get your bum up over your head and your feet off the ground! This class will help you master the basics of intermediate pole dance safely!  $15/class or 4 classes for $60.
  • Core Pole
    • It's Baaack! The same core pole you used to love to hate - one hour of ABTASTIC workouts to help you do all the crazy stuff you want to be strong enough to do! $10/class.
  • Off The Ground
    • Intermediate Combos!  Upside down!  Figure out how to keep your feet off the floor and LOVE every minute of it!  $15/class or 4 classes for $60
    • Seem to never find time for yourself? Come enjoy a morning LOVE YOU intro to pole class for beginners. For a solid 50 minutes, you will experience fun and loving guidance of being feminine, being sexy, being strong, and being YOU.
      Feel empowered! 
      $15/per class or $55 for 4 classes. Currently taking on new students.
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