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Pole is a progressive type of exercise.  You will be building strength and going from Beginner to Intermediate to Advanced.  Your instructors will be your guide on this individualized journey.  You will progress at your pace and your friends will progress at theirs!  Don't get down on yourself because your journey is taking longer!

Join us for class by signing up for classes on the schedule below, or text 801/541-1967 and let us know that you are coming! Each of our instructors sets their own pricing and available times.  Call The Salt Mine at 801.541.1967 or email us here.  Be sure to check out our Instructor Page to request a specific trainer.

Class Descriptions!

  • Beginning Pole Fitness & Conditioning
    • This very basic class will take you through walking, floor work, ab exercises and a few spins. A gentle stretching session is included with the class.
      No experience needed
      $15 per class
  • XXX
    • The name describes it all- XXX is not for the faint of heart! Each week Zoe will teach you exotic floor work and pole play. This class is a perfect addition to your aerial repertoire and will help build your freestyle confidence.  Please bring heels and knee pads if you have them XXX
      $15 cash
      Want to stay for another class on Monday? Yeah you do! First class of the evening is $15, second class is $10, and third class is $5.  
      Please text Zoe if you plan to attend 720.338.2007 

  • FlexyFlow

    • A functional flexibility program that combines dynamic stretching with a little yoga flow to increase mobility, joint function, and of course getting those splits and backbends. This class is the perfect compliment to aerials and strength conditioning. Open to all levels. 
      $15 cash drop in
      Want to stay for another class on Monday? Yeah you do! First class of the evening is $15, second class is $10, and third class is $5.  
      Please text Zoe if you plan to attend 720.338.2007 

  • Beginning Pole
    • This is an open class for beginners and intermediate Pole Dancers and focuses on the fundamentals of pole dance.   $15/class or 4 classes for $60.  Come and climb and spin with beginners and intermediate students!
  • Gentle Yoga with Sarah
    • New to Yoga?  Not a Problem. All levels welcome at this class designed to help you stretch your body and chill out your mind.
      $15 per class or $10 and a can of food to donate to the food bank.
  • Get to Intermediate! 
    • Ready to get your butt over your head?  This class is the one for you!  We take what you have learned in your beginning class and we kick it up a notch.  Learn the basics and then combine them into combos and then into a routine! $15/per class.
  • Intermediate Pole
    • In this class we will polish level 1 moves and combine them with aerial poses and combinations, as well as start to work on aerial inversions and other strength moves necessary for further advanced practice. 
      $15/per class
    • Empowering pole. Come enjoy our morning LOVE YOU beginner pole and LOVE YOU Ultra Fit classes. You will learn fun and challenging techniques to build confidence, strength, and self-love no matter what size or shape you come. Start loving who you are, as you are. 
      $15/per class 
  • Guided Meditation with Sarah
    • Make time to rest, to exist and to renew.
      In this relaxation based class, we will have a gentle, slow and easy yoga practice (approx. 10-15 min) followed by a guided meditation in relaxation pose.
      All levels welcome
      $10 per session
  • Hoop Jam
    • Bi-weekly hoop jam to work on lyra choreography. 
      Prerequisite: must have intermediate lyra skills- comfortable inverting from bottom and top of hoop. 
      Drop in: $15