Classes at The Salt Mine


Sex Kitten University



This class is about learning and exploring what it means to be a sex kitten on the pole and on the floor. From strength conditioning to to basic sex kitten moves this class compliments perfectly with Tuesday's Sex Kitten workshops.

$15 per person. Venmo Julian @Julianmoon26

Find Your Sexy


Spend your Thursday evenings getting sassy flipping your hair and wearing your stilettos! Learn a sensual dance every week!

Katie will break it down and help you let your sexy side break free. Open to all levels. $10/class

Flying Beastie

THUR @ 7:45PM • 60 MINUTES

You will learn intermediate to advanced tricks and combos on and off the floor on spin and static pole. Requests are always welcome. $15 per class Venmo is @jennabrooks444

Prerequisite: Must be comfortable with climbing, inverts, and leg hangs.

Pole Initiation

SAT @ 11:00AM • 60 MINUTES

Have you wanted to try pole, simply get reacquainted, or are just a beginner wanting instructed practice? This course is for you. You will learn body awareness around the pole with grips, spins, climbs, and skin conditioning while dabbling in the upside down realm. You will learn safety, proper technique, and strength building exercises to continue forward in your pole journey.

Level: New/Beginner 3 classes $45 in full (use within 31 days) Venmo: @jennabrooks444

Liquid Lunch

FRI @ 12:05PM • 45 MINUTES

#GetLiquidwithMel When you only have time for a Quickie - this is for you! A quick warm up, a short melty sequence, and a quick cool down done in 45 minutes. At least 3 moves will be taught that work well together so you can interchange them or keep doing them in the same pattern. Focus on technique, body shapes, common connection shapes, and a focus of the class will be introduced. Come spend your lunch hour with me, then get back to your office with a glow that will have them wondering where you snuck off to!

$10 per person. Pay Mel directly via Venmo @Melinda-Heins

Intro to Pole 3 Week Course


Learn all the Basics of this crazy thing we call Pole! Spins, Transitions, Body Waves, Floor Work - all the things that keep you moving and having fun! Mel will patiently guide you around the vertical bar and get you comfortable with you, your body and your own movement. You'll be in great hands! Take a chance and come play! 3 week course $45 - 10 student max - payment Via Venmo @Melinda-Heins

Introduction to Contortion

FRI @10:00am

Dive into the bendy world of contortion with this intro to contortion class. This class will take the same active flexibility approach with the focus to achieve over splits, needles, chin stands and other contortion poses in a safe and effective manner. ***Pre-requisites include flat front splits and middle splits (within 1 inch of the ground) and a press up into bridge with straight arms. If you are unsure if you qualify, please come to Active Flexibility and ask about pass offs, or email Courtney for evaluations. *** Students are encouraged to bring a yoga mat, blocks (especially when working oversplits), and a strap to assist in various exercises and stretches. Please alert Courtney about any past injuries, particularly involving the neck, shoulders, hips, and hamstrings. Please anticipate solo and partner stretching techniques. $15 per person. Please pay Courtney directly via venmo @aerialchaos

Liquid Motion®

MON @ 8:15PM • 75 MINUTES

The Liquid Motion® class is an open level class that utilizes elements of fitness conditioning, sensual movement, and dance theory, to provide a total mind and body movement experience. In this 75- minute class, you will learn the fundamentals of Liquid Motion® to build a foundation for floor work & wall work. The class is made up of body conditioning, lateral movement drills, intricate floor sequences, exploration of sensual movement, and an understanding of total body awareness. This combination is Liquid Motion®. $15 per class.

Sexy Beast

WED @ 8:15PM • 60 MINUTES

Sexy Class with Jenna Brooks. We will explore all types of sexy - on and off the pole. No previous experience is necessary, just a good attitude! Bring heels, knee pads, and layers. See your ass in class!

Confident With Joy - Beginner



Needing a boost? Come enjoy a Beginner Pole workout centred on building confidence in yourself. All levels welcome - no previous experience necessary. For 80 minutes, you will experience loud music/laughter, random health insights, and core work that will leave you sweaty and satisfied.

Joy encourages personal and emotional development throughout each class with tips and tricks for thinking and moving outside the box.

$20/per class - For a discounted group rate, check out

Confident With Joy - Intermediate

SAT & SUN @ 7:30AM • 80 MINUTES

Ready to level up? Come enjoy an Intermediate Pole workout (80 minutes) centred on empowering you through advancement. In this class, we get in the air - building strength and endurance while challenging your inner dialogue to grow your sense of self. Get ready for maybe a little bruising and a lot of fun!

Joy encourages personal and emotional development throughout each class with tips and tricks for thinking and moving outside the box.

$20/per class - For a discounted rate, check out

Active Flexibility

FRI @ 9:00AM

Active flexibility is a class dedicated to influence the rehabilitation of your joints and muscles, with goals to enhance overall flexibility in a healthy and safe practice for all levels. It utilizes movement and strength exercises to create optimum conditions for improved flexibility. This class will focus on all areas of the body, with emphasis on proper alignment and building healthy stretching habits. It is encouraged to bring a yoga mat, blocks, and a strap to assist in various exercises and stretches (studio has several mats and yoga blocks). Please anticipate solo and partner stretching techniques. $15 per person. Pay Courtney directly via Venmo @aerialchaos