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The Salt Mine is committed to creating a safe, inclusive space regardless of race, ethnicity, religion, social class, gender, sexual orientation, gender identification, ability, or age. We will not tolerate harassment of any kind in our studio or online spaces.

A place to learn, teach, and train.

It all began in January 2014, when Melinda Heins asked instructors within the Utah pole community to perform together at a local studio showcase. This grouped named themselves SALT. During that year this group of pole dancers traveled to Los Angeles and Chicago to perform in showcases. During that year it was hard for SALT to find a space to rehearse that fit everyone’s schedule. In October 2014, SALT member Somer Ahonen offered the group the opportunity to take over her lease. This would give SALT a space to rehearse and give each member a place for their personal training. Four group members said “yes”. Those four ladies are to this day recognized as The Salt Mine founders; Cara Heuser, Melinda Heins, Katie Petersen, and Somer Ahonen. On November 1, 2014 the Salt Mine was created by four women with Barefoot Champagne in their glasses, toasting to the future of this space.

In the spring of 2015 life happened and founders Cara and Somer had to take a step back and focus on their lives. Mel and Katie were nervous the space they knew had potential to be something great wouldn’t get the chance to be. Then Sarah Baird joined the ownership team and this space started changing. The new ownership group of Mel, Katie, and Sarah began making plans and setting goals for the place. For the first time The Salt Mine vision didn’t seem like just a fantasy.

The Salt Mine is very passionate about instructors being certified and continuing their education. Pole and aerial fitness can be dangerous and can lead to serious injury. It is important that students are safe when taking a class. Instructor certification is the only way to get pole and aerial fitness legitimized.

The Salt Mine was born out of pure love. Friendships, fun, and some crazy choreography ideas, but mostly it came to into being because we all really love the idea of a tribe. The Salt Mine is a co-op, a place where all in the pole and aerial community come together to make it possible.