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September 22nd

Would you like to unlock your charisma, storytelling ability, and authentic communication?

This 2 hour workshop will explore the incredible potential of your voice and body communicating as one. You'll learn techniques that keep your voice strong and healthy. You'll flex your authenticity muscle. And you'll be cheered on by a group of like minded people.

Movement includes: stretching, floor work, easy to follow choreography. Voicing includes: vocal warm ups, "expression exploration" (shouting, laughing or making noise), easy to follow singing (no experience necessary) . This workshop is for anyone who wants to enhance their storytelling, voicing, or dancing ability. All levels of voice and movement are welcome. Spots are limited so reserve today! Great for embodiment or feminine movement practitioners, alternative performers (pole, burlesque, cabaret), and those looking to sing and voice in a safe environment.

3:30-5:30PM | $65

Our Classes

Pole is a progressive type of exercise. You will be building strength and moving through Beginner to Intermediate to Advanced. Your instructors will be your guide on this individualized journey. Everyone progresses at their own pace. Don't compare yourself to anyone else - each person’s journey is unique!


Reserve Your Spot

Join us by clicking on the schedule to signing up for classes.

Each of our instructors sets their own pricing and available times.  

Call The Salt Mine at 801.541.1967 or email us here.

Be sure to check out our Instructor Page to request a specific trainer.




Party at The Salt Mine

The Salt Mine is a great place to host your private party or event!

We have poles enough for up to 15 party goers to learn some basic pole moves and put them together in a dance.  We supply the place, the poles and an instructor to guide you.  You supply food and drinks, decor and guests. You can use our music or bring your own. Birthdays, Bachelorette parties, Girl's Night Out - we help you make some amazing memories.

Our Private Parties are 2 hours long - 1/2 hour to socialize and 1 1/2  hours of pole instruction.  $25 per person with a minimum of $100.

$50 non-refundable deposit require to make reservation.

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Our Instructors

The Instructors at the Salt Mine are all certified in an industry training. We believe that being good at something does not necessarily mean you can teach that skill to others.

Contact us to find out how we can help you gain the skills and training you need to become and instructor!

The Salt Mine’s instructors are all available to teach private classes, private lessons, and parties.